Definitive Guide to Harmonising Global Financial Reporting

For finance professionals in Asia-Pacific

In-country statutory reporting is ripe for harmonisation. As part of the global trend towards finance transformation, as organisations look for new ways to drive savings and efficiencies, the old ways of doing things just don’t cut it anymore.

By harmonising statutory reporting by standardising, centralising and automating; your organisation not only saves time and money, but greatly reduces the risk of human error that can lead to non-compliance.

But where to start? Harmonising your global financial reporting can bring speed, efficiency, reduced risk and costs, but how can your team realise those benefits? How do we define the key terms, how does the process work, and how do you know whether you have enough central knowledge to ensure compliance? How do you choose a solution that works holistically for your enterprise, enabling people, processes, data and technology to drive a positive transition?

This guide will demystify harmonisation of global financial reporting, helping you to understand how to be ready for harmonisation—and how to make a measurable success of it when it’s time to implement.

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