MNC captive centre in India automates 400+ tax returns globally and saves $127K per annum

The requirement of this US multinational company with a global turnover of almost $4 billion, was to adopt technology that would create a seamless filing process for its captive centre in India that supports all the indirect tax returns filing across the globe.

But their goal was also to achieve:

  • reduced costs and improved efficiencies
  • a greater control over data sharing and security
  • a reduced dependency on external consultants.

And the result? All of the above and more:

  • $127K annual recurring saving;
  • securing data in sharing arrangements with external consultants, while reducing their fees from an average of $750 to $200 per return and their hours by half
  • slashing both the hours of the MNC’s internal resources per return by 60% and their FTE resources by two thirds,

while allowing their staff to work on data securely from home, a welcome surprise from their pre-pandemic implementation.

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