Forbes Magazine Special Feature: The Future of Shared Services

Shared services providers, or global capability centres (GCCs), are becoming global in-house consultancy powerhouses. This special feature explores how visionary GCCs are embracing technology to create strategic business value for their multinational corporations, earning GCC leaders a seat at the table as trusted business partners.

Finance is a key focus area, with 72% of GCCs in India now managing both transactional and knowledge-based finance processes. These range from accounting, financial planning and analysis to specialist work such as global tax compliance and statutory reporting.

Faced with expanding workloads, GCCs are increasingly leveraging automation-enabled financial compliance tools to meet ongoing expectations of delivering cost and process efficiencies. Many are also harmonising end-to-end processes through content-driven cloud-based technology.

Discover how tech-enabled GCCs are realising numerous benefits, including the ability to:

  • Respond faster to regulatory updates
  • Efficiently integrate and analyse new business information
  • Forge closer cross-departmental working relationships
  • Reduce duplicated effort when managing data collection, workpapers, calculations, report iterations
  • Give skilled staff more time to focus on higher-value work

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